The ETF universe is a rapidly expanding one. From the launch of the first products in Canada in 1990 we have seen assets under management grow to almost US$2 trillion at the end of 2012 and we at ETFGI predict that total assets under management will reach US$3.5 trillion by the end of 2015.

The range of investment exposures has grown exponentially with the rate of general growth and the assets classes have evolved from equities through to fixed income and commodities and into more esoteric exposures like inverse and leveraged products and indices relating to hedge fund exposure. We are seeing discussions around the move towards so called active ETFs at a time when the industry still cannot agree on a common taxonomy for the exchange traded universe.

Additionally the methods by which those exchange traded exposures are delivered to investors is increasingly complex with a move from simple physical funds, to funds that lend securities to funds that achieve their objectives though the use of derivatives. A significant part of this universe of exposure is now comprised of exchange traded exposures that are not even within a funds wrapper and the implicit protections of a fund may or may not be present.

We supply specialist reports, bespoke data analysis and consulting and governance services on all aspects of this industry.


Paid Subscriber Services

The ETFGI subscription will give our clients access to a monthly report on global and regional industry trends as well as access to the ETFGI global database where the investor can customise the exchange traded exposure universe according to their investment or research criteria.


Basic free registration

All registered Members receive a monthly newsletter outlining the global asset movements within the industry. This summary data will be accompanied by some considered analysis on trends within the industry. In addition Members may opt to receive notification of new reports, industry and company news and events from ETFGI


Subscriber Members will receive a detailed global analysis of the industry on a monthly basis and may elect to complement this with a regional, multi regional or country analysis in order to build a single or multi facet granular analysis of the industry in line with their individual requirements.


Our fully searchable global database allows you search by named product, by promoter or by exposure on a global, regional and local country basis. Our search engine allows you to filter by region listed, by country listed, by trading currency, by index provider, by asset class, by region of exposure, by country of exposure, by sector exposure, by physical or synthetic product, by leverage or inverse product, by year listed and any combination of these in total or part.

Our clients include investors and various members of the ETF eco system including regulators and supra national regulatory bodies. 


We are experts on ETFs, ETPs and exchange traded exposures. We can help you from data and analytics to bespoke research products. We, our associates and trusted industry partners have experience on all aspects of the exchange traded ecosystem from product development, distribution and capital markets to regulatory and taxation considerations at a global, regional and individual country level. Our clients include regulators, promoters, distributors and investors. To see how we can assist you, please contact us.

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