ETFGI is a wholly independent research and consultancy firm providing services to leading global institutional and professional investors, the global exchange traded fund and exchange traded product ecosystem, its Regulators and its advisers.

ETFGI produces extensive ETF-specific analysis covering over 4,700 ETFs and ETPs, across 9,500 exchange listings from over 200 providers on 50 stock exchanges.

ETFGI leverages extensive industry experience, unparalleled industry contacts and rigorous analysis to deliver proprietary research on the global ETF and ETP industry.

We provide services to both new and experienced institutional and professional investors interested in using ETFs and ETPs and better understanding the industry, product, regulatory and company specific data points.

We publish industry data and statistics and identify trends within the industry on a global, regional and country basis. We offer a comprehensive and searchable global database which covers over 4,700 ETFs and ETPs, exceeding 9500 stock exchange listings on assets of in excess of US$1.7 trillion, from over 200 providers on 55 exchanges and are available to assist you with any research of a custom nature.

We offer a full range of consulting services covering the spectrum of the exchange traded exposure universe from data and analytics to product structuring, due diligence on products and service providers, from distribution and capital market challenges to governance and the regulatory environment.

We provide thought leadership on industry trends, participate in forums globally and are at the forefront of developments in this rapidly evolving space.

ETFGI partner Deborah Fuhr is one of the industry's leading commentators and an early identifier of the significance of the evolving industry over seventeen years ago. Together with our trusted industry partners and our partnership associates, ETFGI offers expertise on all aspects of ETFs and other exchange traded exposures.

Deborah Fuhr - Partner and Co-founder of ETFGI.

Deborah is the global expert on ETFs with over 20 years industry experience in financial products, 15 of which have focused on exchanged traded funds and exposures. Deborah was previously the Global Head of ETF Research and Implementation Strategy at BlackRock /Barclays Global Investors from 2008 to 2011 and was a Managing Director and Head of the Investment Strategies Group at Morgan Stanley for 11 years prior to that. Deborah commenced her career at Greenwich Associates, the premier strategic consulting and research source for providers and users of financial services worldwide, and has lectured extensively on ETFs and other exchange traded exposures. She has served on several industry bodies and is a consultant to investors, promoters, distributors, stock exchanges and trading platforms and national and supra national regulatory bodies.


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