About us

Launched in 2012 by Deborah Fuhr, ETFGI has become the dominant independent research and consulting provider providing insights on the entire global industry of ETFs and ETPs listed globally as well as the service providers.

Our range of research and subscription services include annual reviews of institutions that use ETFs and ETPs, an annual analysis of active ETFs and smart beta ETFs. We are the only company to provide a monthly report of every region in the world where ETFs / ETPs are listed.

ETFGI also maintains a comprehensive database of all 7,269 ETFs/ETPs, with 13,682 listings with assets of US$5.15 trillion, from 356 providers on 70 exchanges in 56 countries as of the end of January 2018, with an online tool to easily search and compare them.

As well as analysing industry trends, ETFGI has strong expertise in product management, distribution and bringing new funds to market. We pride ourselves on industry thought leadership and product due diligence.

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A good starting point is A Comprehensive Guide to Exchange Traded Funds, co-written by Deborah Fuhr, which you can download for free here.

About The Founder

Deborah Fuhr Managing Partner & Founder

Our founder, Deborah Fuhr, has worked in the ETF industry for more than two decades, overseeing important product launches, discovering trends and making a wide network of contacts in the industry. She frequently speaks at events and is one of the industry’s leading commentators.

Starting off as an associate at Greenwich Associates, Deborah worked her way up from managing director and head of investment strategy at Morgan Stanley to head of ETF research and implementation strategy and managing director at BlackRock / Barclays Global Investors. She is also a founder and board member of Women in ETFs, a global not-for-profit organisation to help women and men network and inspire each other in the ETF industry, which has grown to more than 3,200 members.


The Team

Margareta Hricova Director of Marketing & Business Operations

Anwar Saleh Lead Developer

Oscar Betrand Data Analyst

Dario Gandini Data Analyst

Thomas Tucker Data Analyst