ETFs Global Markets Roundtable

The 2018 ETFs Global Markets Roundtable series of conferences are designed as educational events to provide the opportunity for buyside traders and portfolio managers from the institutional investor community, as well as other market participants and professionals involved in the ETF space, to hear current thoughts from industry leaders on ETF trends, market structure and regulation, and obtain a better understanding of liquidity, how to trade and use ETFs, and of the impact that ETFs have on the markets and market structure. The conference series is building on the event organized in June 2017 by Ari Burstein and Deborah Fuhr.  

Free registration for qualified buyside portfolio managers and traders.
London April 19, 2018 - Agenda and registration 
New York May 15, 2018 - Agenda and registration 
Toronto May 31, 2018
Asia Q4 2018 

In addition to hosting events ETFGI often partners with other organizations and we frequently speak at events in Europe, the US, Canada, the Middle East and Asia.

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