Passive Investment Conference in Warsaw

Warsaw, Poland

Keynote speaker Deborah Fuhr

Organised by Warsaw Stock Exchange

Almost 7,000 passive funds are currently listed in the world, in which USD 6 trillion is accumulated. The average annual increase in the assets of these funds is almost 18%.

Investors appreciate the low cost of ownership of these funds, high liquidity, in particular ETFs, which can be bought and sold on the stock exchange just like shares. In fact, the whole world has appreciated the advantages of passive investing, so this revolution will not miss the Polish market. How to prepare for it? Who will bring the best results and who will force them to change their approach? How to make it run for the benefit of the entire financial market? How to find among the passive solutions those that best suit our needs? What in passive investing makes investors more and more willingly vote with their money every year in their favor? 

We will discuss these and other topics at the first edition of the Warsaw Passive Investment Conference!

Keynote speaker Deborah Fuhr