13th HED Conference

Shanghai, China

Shanghai, China

Conference Background:

In 2021, many economies recovered strongly and usher in record growth rates. As we are entering the third year of Covid-19, economic development will gradually return to normal. What will the economy look like in the post-epidemic era? Global inflationary pressures and monetary policy may also trigger foreign capital outflows, affecting the entire A-share market. In the volatile market, how to seize opportunities in the global market and gain insight into the new economy and new track will become the primary goal of financial institutions

In order to deeply exchange the direction and strategy of asset allocation of major categories, Finfo Global will hold the "13th HED Conference" in Shanghai on 20th April. There would be over 300 delegates amongst the government, associations, banks, securities companies, futures, asset management institutions, public offerings, private equity funds, asset management technology and other institutions, focusing on topics such as quantitative, fixed income investment, FOF, bonds, asset management technology, etc., discuss the open era of large asset management, various asset management Institutional new development.


Conference Overview

Main Conference:

AM——Global Opportunities and Asset Allocation
PM——Index and Quantitative Investment

Close-Door Seminar PM

ASecurities Investment Trust Strategic Layout Main Delegates20 Key Person from Trust (Equity Investment Department, Head of TOF, Securities Investment Department)

BFund of Funds Dynamic Asset Allocation Main Delegates20 Key Person from Mutual Fund and Private Fund (Head of FOF Products, CIO, General Manager)

CHybrid Fund Asset Allocation Main Delegates20 Key Person from Insurance, Bank, Mutual Fund (Head of Fixed Income, Vice President)


Key Topics

  • Asset Allocation Strategy under Geopolitics, Epidemic and Inflation
  • China's Stock Market Outlook from the Perspective of the World's Top Asset Management
  • Embrace Impact Investing: Long-Term Investing, Value Investing, Socially Responsible Investing
  • The Development and Trend of ESG Investment under the Carbon Neutrality Target
  • Asset Allocation in Changing Situations: Fixed Income, Stocks and Bonds, Futures Derivatives
  • Quantitative Index Growth in Divided and Rotating Markets
  • Application of Index Products in Asset Allocation
  • Smart Beta in Quantitative Investing
  • Quantitative Funds Spring up, Public Offerings Enter the Market for Change
  • Index Investment Opportunities in the Context of Carbon Neutrality
  • Transformation and Development of Trust Industry in the New Era for Asset Management
  • New Trend of Trust Assets Allocation: Development Opportunities and Trends of TOF Products
  • Think about TOF Business from Multiple Dimensions such as Investment, Risk Control, Products, Funds, and Channels
  • How to Determine the Underlying Assets for Evaluation and Screening of Standard Portfolios
  • The Scale of Private Funds’FOF Continues to Grow, How to Exert the Value of Allocation
  • Public Offering of FOF Continues to Innovate, and FOF-LOF Products are Successively Unveiled
  • FOF Dynamic Asset Allocation and Risk Management
  • In the Era of Structured Investment, FOF Investment Strategy Discussion
  • Hybrid Fund Strategy Outlook for 2022
  • Hybrid Fund Alternative Financial Products?
  • How to Correctly Grasp Bond Assets and Equity Assets to Achieve Risk and Return Rebalancing
  • Prevent Hybrid Fund Bring Negative Alpha


Inquiry about the conference:

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