Virtual event

Making the most of your money in 2022 and beyond


The past year has been tumultuous for private investors. From major political changes, to widespread supply chain disruptions and rapidly changing COVID-19 policies - private investors have weathered it all. With the future uncertain, the next 12 months are likely to be just as demanding. As the world continues on a path of rapid transformation, private investors must think carefully, adapt quickly and innovate with ease. They must anticipate key trends, risks and growth opportunities.


This year, Investors’ Chronicle is delighted to announce the launch of our very first ‘Future of Private Investing’ event. This two day digital event will bring together experts from across the financial industry, from advisors to fund managers, to share exclusive insights and unearth key trends for investors in the months to come. In the post-pandemic world, which industries are bound to grow and which will struggle to bounce back? How are changes in technology due to affect the investment landscape - which trends in big tech should investors watch? What can investors expect as the world continues on a path towards net zero?


Join us and our expert line up of commentators this June as we discuss industries from property to healthcare, geographic regions from the US to China and share industry-leading tips on how investing can help you secure your financial future. Equip yourself with crucial strategies to make the most of your money in a fast changing world.