ETFGI reports net inflows of US$504 million to ETFs and ETPs listed in Latin America during May 2018

LONDON — July 2, 2018 —  According to ETFGI’s May 2018 Latin America ETF and ETP industry insights report, a monthly report included in an annual paid-for research subscription service, ETFs listed in Latin America saw net inflows of US$504 Million during May, representing the second highest inflows in five years. (All dollar values in USD unless otherwise noted.)


  • - In May 2018, ETFs listed in Latin America saw net inflows of $504 Mn, the second highest in five years.
  • Assets invested in ETFs listed in Latin America decreased by $400 Mn during May from $8.09 Bn at the end of Aril to $7.69 Bn.
  • Equity ETFs/ETPs gathered the largest net inflows with $518 Mn, followed by leveraged ETFs/ETPs with $6 Mn.

According to ETFGI’s analysis, assets invested in ETFs listed in Latin America decreased by 4.90% during the month from US$8.09 Bn at the end of April to $7.69 Bn at the end of May. Overall, assets are up by 13.2% year-to-date from $6.80 Bn at the end of December 2018.

Latin American ETF asset growth as at end of May 2018

Year-to-date through the end of May, the top 18 ETFs by net new assets have collectively gathered $1.65 Bn. 16 of the top 18 ETFs track equity indices while 2 provide exposure to fixed income indices. 

Top 18 ETFs/ETPs by net new assets: Latin America

Equity ETFs gathered the largest net inflows during May with $518 Mn, followed by leveraged ETFs with $6 Mn, while currency ETFs experienced the largest net outflows with US$11 Mn.

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