ETFGI reports ETFs and ETPs listed in the Asia Pacific (ex-Japan) gather net inflows of US$13 billion during October 2018

LONDON — December 10, 2018 — ETFGI, a leading independent research and consultancy firm covering trends in the global ETF/ETP ecosystem, reported today that ETFs and ETPs listed in Asia Pacific (ex-Japan) gathered net inflows of US$12.72 Bn during October. Following a turbulent month for financial markets, total assets invested in the Asia Pacific (ex-Japan) ETF and ETP industry fell 1.71% during October, from US$184 Bn at the end of September, to US$181 Bn, according to ETFGI’s October 2018 Asia Pacific (ex-Japan) ETF and ETP industry landscape insights report, an annual paid-for research subscription service.  (All dollar values in USD unless otherwise noted.) 


  • Total Assets in ETFs and ETPs listed in Asia Pacific (ex-Japan) declined 1.71% to $181 Bn during October.
  • Net new assets gathered by ETFs/ETPs listed in Asia Pacific (ex-Japan) were $12.72 Bn in October.
  • Strong positive flows in the region led by East Asia countries, with products listed in China providing domestic exposure seeing substantial inflows.

“Few markets managed to avoid the October sell off, as investors grew jittery at the prospects of further rate hikes from the US treasury and any hope of resolutions to trade disputes appeared to be diminishing, be it in Europe or the US. Developed and developing markets saw similar declines during the month. Aside from the US, where strong year-to-date performance cushioned the fall, October pushed many indices deeper into negative territory for the year. The S&P 500 fell 6.84% over the month, retaining a 3.1% gain year-to-date, while European markets fell 7.82%, bringing year-to-date decline to 9.56%. EM markets down 7.60% and Frontier markets down 3.36%, bringing year to date declines to 15.07% and 10.68%, respectively.” according to Deborah Fuhr, managing partner and a founder of ETFGI.

At the end of October 2018, the Asia Pacific (ex-Japan) ETF/ETP industry had 1,343 ETFs/ETPs, with 1,499 listings, assets of $181 Bn, from 136 providers listed on 17 exchanges. Following net inflows of $12.72 Bn and market moves during the month, assets invested in ETFs/ETPs listed in Asia Pacific (ex-Japan) decreased by 1.71%, from $184 Bn at the end of September 2018, to $181 Bn.
Growth in the Asia Pacific (ex-Japan) ETF and ETP assets as of the end of October 2018

Equity-based ETFs/ETPs listed in Asia Pacific (ex-Japan) attracted net inflows of $9.51 Bn in October, growing net inflows for 2018 to $28.48 Bn, substantially greater than the $1.87 Bn in net outflows at this point last year. Fixed Income ETFs and ETPs listed in Asia Pacific (ex-Japan) saw net inflows of $2.43 Bn, bringing net inflows for 2018 to $8.83 Bn, greater than the $1.17 Bn in net outflows at this point last year. 
A large proportion of inflows during October can be attributed to the top 20 ETFs/ETPs by net new assets, which collectively gathered $9.84 Bn. The ChinaAMC China 50 ETF (510050 CH) gathered $1.32 Bn, the largest net inflows in October. 

Top 20 ETFs/ETPs by net new assets October 2018: Asia Pacific (ex-Japan)

Name Ticker Assets
(US$ Mn)
(US$ Mn)
(US$ Mn)
YTD 2018
(US$ Mn)
ChinaAMC China 50 ETF 510050 CH 6,895 399 2,159 1,317
Huatai-Pinebridge CSI 300 ETF 510300 CH 4,955 212 2,931 1,315
China CSI 500 ETF 510500 CH 4,510 113 3,292 707
ChinaAMC CSI 300 Index ETF 510330 CH 3,323 46 1,255 616
E Fund ChiNext Price Index ETF 159915 CH 2,788 157 2,880 613
Samsung Kodex KOSDAQ150 Leverage ETF 233740 KS 1,230 389 757 606
Tracker Fund of Hong Kong (TraHK) 2800 HK 10,244 171 (656) 596
Polaris Taiwan Top 50 ETF 0050 TT 2,038 56 788 577.65
Cathay EM USD IG ex China 5.5% 5Yr+ 10% ETF 00726B TT 358 0 287 358.86
Samsung KODEX Leverage ETF 122630 KS 2,175 209 1,455 355.96
Mirae Asset TIGER 200 ETF 102110 KS 2,354 45 (6) 355
CCB Cash TianYi Traded Money Market Fund 511660 CH 3,917 160 1,668 349
Huaan ChiNext 50 ETF Fund 159949 CH 1,270 83 1,736 318
SAMSUNG KODEX KOSDAQ 150 ETF 229200 KS 907 83 415 292
Fubon Umbrella Fund 20+ Years US Treasury Bond ETF 00696B TT 614 0 619 269
Samsung KODEX 200 Total Return ETF 278530 KS 1,031 4 1,032 260
Samsung KODEX 200 ETF 069500 KS 4,828 173 (319) 259
Yuanta/P-shares Taiwan Dividend Plus ETF 0056 TT 526 15 201 248.53
Harvest CSI 300 Index ETF 159919 CH 2,753 15 713 227.28
Guotai SSE 180 Financial Index ETF 510230 CH 763 9 248 201.07


Investors have tended to invest in core, market cap and lower cost ETFs in October.

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