Elm Partners Launches New Global All-Equity Program

Elm Partners, a Robo-advisor based in Philadelphia, is introducing a low-cost, tax-aware Global All-Equity investment program to its lineup of Separately Managed Account (SMA) offerings. Elm's All-Equity program has a Baseline of 100% global equities, in contrast to its existing Global Balanced program which has a Baseline of 75% global equities and 25% Fixed Income. All-Equity portfolios will be managed algorithmically with a dynamic asset allocation driven by value and momentum, in line with the Active Index Investing approach Elm has applied since 2012. Elm uses low cost ETFs and index funds to build client portfolios, charges a fee of 0.12% per annum, and manages portfolios in a tax aware manner. Global All-Equity portfolios will be long-only, unlevered, and will always have a target of being fully invested in global equities.