Europe-Listed ETFs Crossed $1 Trillion in Assets

As more global investors turn to cheap broad market exposure, Europe’s ETF industry has finally crossed over the $1 trillion assets under management mark.

According to ETFGI data, European-listed ETFs have accumulated $1 trillion in assets for the first time last month after investors funneled a record $125.2 billion of new cash into these passive products last year, or more than double the $56.8 billion for 2018, the Financial Times reports.

“ETF growth has accelerated in Europe as more investors shift their processes from traditional security and fund selection to holistic portfolio construction,” Stephen Cohen, head of BlackRock’s iShares business in Europe, told the Financial Times.

Europe’s ETF industry has doubled in size in four years after price war sent ETF fees lower, poor patchy from active managers discouraged investors and another year of robust returns for big stock markets that passive vehicles reflect attracted greater investment interest.