New VanEck ETFs on Xetra: Chinese new economy stocks with ESG filter and Rare Earths and Strategic Metals companies

Two new exchange-traded funds issued by VanEck Vectors have been tradable via Xetra and Börse Frankfurt since Wednesday.

The VanEck Vectors New China ESG UCITS ETF offers investors access to 100 Chinese growth companies of the new economy, which are selected because of their growth prospects and taking ESG criteria into account.

The index is composed of companies that are domiciled in China and whose shares are listed on the Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, New York, or NASDAQ stock exchanges. In addition, only companies from the consumer discretionary, consumer cyclical, healthcare and technology sectors are considered in the index composition. All stocks in the index are equally weighted. This ETF is also included in the CEINEX product range.

The VanEck Vectors Rare Earth and Strategic Metals UCITS ETF offers investors an investment in the largest and most liquid Rare earth and Strategic metals companies worldwide. To be included in the index, companies must generate at least 50 per cent of their revenue from Rare Earths or Strategic Metals or be working on mining projects that have comparable future potential. Each index company must also have a market capitalisation of at least €150 million, whereby the weighting of a stock is limited to a maximum of 8 per cent.

 Name  Asset   class  ISIN  On-going   charges  Distribution policy  Reference index
 VanEck Vectors New China ESG   UCITS ETF  Equity   ETF  IE0000H445G8  0.60 per   cent  Accumulating  MarketGrader New China   ESG Index
 VanEck Vectors Rare Earth and   Strategic Metals UCITS ETF  Equity   ETF  IE0002PG6CA6  0.59 per   cent  Accumulating  MVIS Global Rare   Earth/Strategic Metals   Index


The product offering in Deutsche Börse's XTF segment currently comprises a total of 1,711 ETFs. With this selection and an average monthly trading volume of around €17 billion, Xetra is the leading trading venue for ETFs in Europe.

Based in Frankfurt/Main, Germany, CEINEX is a joint venture established by Shanghai Stock Exchange, Deutsche Börse Group and China Financial Futures Exchange. As the first platform for China and Renminbi related products in the offshore market, it acts as a unique bridge between the Chinese and international financial markets. CEINEX is dedicated to promoting the cooperation between and mutual development of Chinese and international financial markets.

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