New ETNs and ETCs from Leverage Shares on Xetra: Leveraged Long and Short Investments on Global Single Companies, Countries, Sectors and Commodities

Since Tuesday, six Exchange Traded Commodities and 35 Exchange Traded Notes of Leverage Shares are tradable on Xetra and via Börse Frankfurt for the first time.

The comprehensive overall offering focuses on the long and short performance of global individual equities, equity portfolios from selected countries and sectors and, for the first time, individual commodities using various leverage factors. Leverage Shares is thus expanding its offering from 87 to a total of 128 products.

With the ETNs, investors have the opportunity, for example, to invest in the performance of the 500 largest US companies or the 40 largest German companies, or to focus on individual stocks such as Alibaba, Microsoft or Siemens. Individual commodities include gold, silver and oil.    

The leverage factor of the individual long and short ETNs is two or three. All ETNs are physically collateralised and are centrally cleared via Eurex Clearing.

Excerpt from the newly listed product range of Leverage Shares:



Leverage Shares 3x Long US Tech 100 ETP Securities


Leverage Shares 3x Long Germany 40 ETP Securities


Leverage Shares -3x Short Alibaba (BABA) ETP Securities


Leverage Shares -3x Short Microsoft (MSFT) ETP Securities


Leverage Shares 3x Long Siemens (SIE) ETP Securities


Leverage Shares 3x Long Gold ETP Securities


Leverage Shares 3x Long Silver ETP Securities


Leverage Shares 2x Long WTI Oil ETP Securities



The product offering in Deutsche Börse's ETF & ETP segment currently comprises a total of 1,941 ETFs, 180 ETCs and 244 ETNs. With this selection and an average monthly trading volume of around €19 billion, Xetra is the leading trading venue for ETFs and ETPs in Europe.