ETF TV: Tara O'Reilly on the regulatory environment for ETFs




Speaking to ETF TV, Tara O’Reilly, who is also the Secretary of Women in ETFs’ Global Governance Committee, gives her insights into regulatory scrutiny of exchange-traded products as developers and asset managers push the boundaries of these funds. From the protections necessary to support successful investment outcomes, to the rise of ETFs as a potential systemic issue regulator are very active in the ETF space. Understanding how liquidity impacts investment – including the extent to which active managers might have been closet index trackers – is crucial, as is an understanding of existing legislation and the potential for new rules where necessary.

The ETFs Global Markets Roundtable was a series of conferences created by Ari Burstein, President, Capital Markets Strategies and Deborah Fuhr, Managing Partner and Founder, ETFGI.