Watch Charlie Shaffer of TIFIN AMP, discuss how they deliver distribution intelligence at scale for asset managers

Charlie Shaffer of TIFIN AMP, joins ETF TV to discuss how they deliver distribution intelligence at scale for asset managers

Charlie Shaffer, the President and Chief Revenue Officer at TIFIN AMP, joins Margareta Hricova and Deboah Fuhr on ETF TV to discuss how TIFIN AMP leverages data to provide personalised distribution intelligence at scale for asset managers.

Charlie Shaffer, the President and Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) at TIFIN AMP, brings deep knowledge and roots in the world of fund distribution and transition management. Previously, he served as the Head of Distribution at Voya Investment and the Global Head of Distribution at Credit Suisse Asset Management. His expertise lies in addressing the challenges faced by asset managers dealing with an exponential increase in data over the past decade. The proliferation of CRM, digital marketing, social media, and third-party data has made integration nearly impossible. TIFIN AMP’s solution involves creating a data fabric that unifies and ingests various types of data, both structured and unstructured. By designing this fabric for intelligence, they empower asset managers with precision and actionable insights. Rather than blaming the CRM tools, TIFIN AMP focuses on leveraging data to drive personalized distribution intelligence at scale for asset managers. 

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