ETFGI Global ETFs Insights Summit, United States - Session Replays

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MAY 19, 2021

08:00am – 08:45am Registration, Exhibit Hall & Networking 
08:45am – 08:50am Welcoming Remarks
08:50am – 09:25am Lessons Learned in 2020

  • The impact of Covid-19, work from home and volatility
  • Implementation of ETF Rule

Moderator: Deborah Fuhr, Managing Partner, Founder, ETFGI

Shelly Antoniewicz, Senior Director, Industry and Financial Analysis, ICI
Stacy Fuller, Partner, K&L Gates
Christine Podolak, Senior Director, Exchange Traded Products Surveillance & Investigations, FINRA

09:25am – 10:00am An Appraisal of Regulatory Issues Impacting Market Structure and ETF Trading

  • Debating the state of markets and trading
  • Update on key regulatory developments impacting ETFs
  • Discussion of future ETF rulemakings and reforms

Moderator: Deborah Fuhr, Managing Partner, Founder, ETFGI
Rob Marrocco, Senior Director, Listings, Cboe Global Markets
Kimberly Russell, Vice President, Market Structure Specialist, State Street Global Advisors SPDR
Jim Toes, President & CEO, STA

10:00am – 10:35am Creating Better Trading Systems and Tools for ETFs

  • Innovations in trading platforms and trading tools: ICE ETF Hub, RFQ platforms
  • Evaluating the ETF trade and best execution issues
  • Examination of the impact of recent trading rule changes on ETFs

Moderator: Deborah Fuhr, Managing Partner, Founder, ETFGI
Jeffrey Baccash, Global Head of ETF Solutions, BNP Paribas
Dan Madden, Head of Capital Markets, FlexShares Exchange Traded Funds
Eric Pollackov, Global Head of ETF Capital Markets, Invesco

10:35am – 11:10am Hot ETFs Regulatory Topics

  • Conversions, share classes and master-feeders
  • ESG
  • Non and semi-active and complex products

Moderator: Deborah Fuhr, Managing Partner, Founder, ETFGI
Kathleen Moriarty, Partner, Chapman and Cutler LLP
Barry Pershkow, Partner, Chapman and Cutler LLP

11:10am – 11:15am Networking Break
11:15am – 11:45am Sustainable Finance and ESG Regulations in the US and Europe

  • Which regulators and regulations are driving the agenda?
  • SFDR and benchmark regulations in Europe
  • ESG priorities for Biden and the SEC

Moderator: Deborah Fuhr, Managing Partner, Founder, ETFGI
Annette Capretta, Associate General Counsel, ICI
Rick Redding, CEO, Index Industry Association

11:45am  12:20pm Creating ESG Indices

  • How to use data and ratings to your advantage
  • Using ESG as a risk mitigator and return generator
  • How diversity and climate impact performance

Moderator: John Jacobs, Executive Director, Center for Financial Markets and Policy, McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University

David LaValle, CEO, Alerian and S-Network Global Indexes
Diana van Maasdijk, Co-Founder & Executive Director, Equileap
Perth Tolle, Founder, Life + Liberty Indexes

12:20pm – 12:55pm How are Investors Integrating ESG into their Portfolios

  • How are regulations impacting implementation of ESG? 
  • Implementing ESG in Equity portfolios utilising available ratings and rankings
  • Applying ESG to government, corporate and fraud fixed income portfolios

Moderator: Deborah Fuhr, Managing Partner, Founder, ETFGI

Kevin Mahn, President & Chief Investment Officer, Hennion & Walsh Asset Management 
Prof. Amin Rajan, CEO, CREATE-Research
Amanda Rebello, CFA®, CESGA®, Head of Passive Sales, US Onshore, DWS

12:55pm – 1.30pm Women in ETFs: Managing Career Transitions

  • How, when and why is it the right time to make a change?
  • Activist engagement in ESG
  • Future of direct indexing
  • Next generation of Fixed Income exposure

Moderator: Deborah Fuhr, Managing Partner, Founder, ETFGI

Nancy Davis, Managing Partner & CIO, Quadratic Capital Management LLC
Jennifer Grancio, Chief Executive Officer, Engine No. 1
Lorraine Wang, Founder & CEO, GAMMA Investing

MAY 20, 2021

08:00am – 08:45am Registration, Exhibit Hall & Networking 
08:45am – 08:50am Welcoming Remarks
08:50am – 09:20am Global Macro Outlook
Moderator: Deborah Fuhr, Managing Partner, Founder, ETFGI
Vincent Deluard, Director - Global Macro Strategy, StoneX

09:20am – 09:50am Update on Flows & Trends in the Global ETF Industry 

  • ETF industry at $9 trillion
  • Record net inflows
  • The growth of ESG, Thematic, Active, and Crypto

Speaker: Deborah Fuhr, Managing Partner, Founder, ETFGI

09:50am – 10:30am Investing in Digital Assets

Moderator: Deborah Fuhr, Managing Partner, Founder, ETFGI
Louis LaValle, Managing Director, Head of Distribution 3iQ Corp (US)
Fred Pye, Chairman & CEO, 3iQ Corp.

10:30am – 11:05am Examination of the State of Active ETFs

  • How and which type of investors are using Active ETFs
  • How should investors compare mutual funds and ETFs 
  • Mutual fund conversions and comparison of the Active ETF models

Moderator: Deborah Fuhr, Managing Partner, Founder, ETFGI

Tony Baker, Founder & CEO, Investment Innovations
Bill Davis, Managing Director, Stance Capital
Matt Lewis, VP, Head of ETF Implementation and Capital Markets, American Century Investments

11:05am – 11:20am Networking Break
11:20am – 11:50am Future of Indexing

  • Lessons learned in year 1
  • The evolving role of index providers
  • Demand for ESG, Thematic and Crypto Indices

Moderator: Deborah Fuhr, Managing Partner, Founder, ETFGI
Dan Draper, CEO, S&P Dow Jones Indices

11:50am – 12:25pm How Are Institutions and Financial Advisors Using ETFs and ETNs?

  • How are Covid-19, WFH, political and economic trends impacting asset allocation?
  • How should investors select the best ETF or ETN?
  • How are model portfolios being constructed?

Moderator: Deborah Fuhr, Managing Partner, Founder, ETFGI

Eric Biegeleisen, CFA®, Deputy CIO & Portfolio Manager, 3EDGE Asset Management

Andrew B. Peake, CFA, Managing Director, UBS Financial Services, New York
Richard Tseng, CFA, Managing Director, Senior Portfolio Manager, Bank of America, N.A.

12:25pm – 1:00pm Future Trends for the ETF Industry

  • Which products are likely to lead the next phase of growth
  • How ETF distribution will evolve
  • Tapping into new users and expanding the uses of ETFs

Moderator: Deborah Fuhr, Managing Partner, Founder, ETFGI

John Hoffman, Head of Americas, ETFs & Indexed Strategies, Invesco
Mark Raes, Head of Product, 
BMO Global Asset Management
Edward Rosenberg, Senior Vice President, Head of ETFs, American Century Investments
Darek Wojnar, Executive Vice President, Head of Funds and Managed Accounts, Northern Trust Asset Management